'How much money can we make?'

Before you make a cent,
you first have to break even.

If you order before with our June 1 special, the cost for a minimum order of 500 sets of printed CheerStix will be $435. (July 1 cutoff cost will be $485.)

So, if you sell one set of CheerStix for $3, then you need to sell at least 145 sets to break even.

$3 X 145 = $435
Your cost: $435

If you were to sell 250 sets of CheerStix at $3, your profit would be $315.

$3 X 250 = $750
Minus your cost: $435
Your profit: $315

We've found that most schools can expect to sell at least 250 sets.

How many sets above 250 you can sell will depend on the design you create … the support of your fans … and how well you promote them.

Remember: it's good to be an optimist. But be a realist, too. It is better to order on the low side and then re-order more later if you run out rather than ordering too many in the beginning and having leftovers if sales aren't what you had expected.

Combination Sponsorship and Direct Sales Program

Many schools have found a local sponsor to pay for the actual cost of the CheerStix. In return, the school puts the sponsor's logo on one side and sells the CheerStix for $1 or $2 a set at games. This has worked well for these schools.

Important note: CheerStix with only the school's name and mascot in school colors are perceived to be more valuable – and therefore usually sell better.