Important factors that can boost CheerStix sales

Good design is everything

We've spent thousands of dollars working with talented graphic artists to develop our pre-made designs and our image bank.

Because a great design is essential for booming sales.

We have over a hundred fabulous pre-made designs to choose from. Click here to view them.

Strength of the Fans & Parents.
Strength of your Booster Club.

Believe it or not, but the size of the crowd doesn't have as much impact as you might think.

What's important is to have a devoted bunch of fans who love your team and are naturally noisy whenever they play

If you're lucky enough to have loyal fans, you're already ahead of the game.

Aggressiveness of your sales force.
And location. . . location . . . location.

The best place to sell CheerStix is right in front of the fans.

Have your squad pull out their CheerStix and lead a chant:

“LET'S GO TIGERS!” bang. bang. . . bang.bang.bang!!!!!

Have your squad push sales on some of their friends in the first rows and then the rest of the crowd will know CheerStix are for sale.

At least once a game have someone walk through the crowd offering them for sale.

Selling CheerStix behind the stadium away from the crowd is not an effective way to make sales!