How to order printed CheerStix?
Click on the ORDER HERE button in the upper part of this page. You will need to register your email address and name in order to enter our ordering section.

Once you have registered you will be given 3 options.

Order Samples

Order Printed CheerStix

Order Generic CheerStix

Click on Order Printed CheerStix and follow the links to the online artwork applications, delivery instruction and payment area.

Payment can be made by credit card online or by phone/fax. Purchase orders are available to school representatives only. Purchase orders must be paid within one week of delivery and a valid personal credit card must be supplied as a back up for the purchase order. If payment is not received within 30 days of delivery a $50 late charge will be added and the credit card will be charged.

Ordering by purchase order is not available for the June 1 cutoff date but is available for all other cutoff dates & ordering times.

Once you have finished supplying your artwork, delivery instructions & payment method, one of our staff members will be preparing a layout for you to look at. We usually receive approval from layouts before going into production, but in cases of one week deliveries we often pass on this when the designs are simple & easy to understand.