Fan Frenzy Night

What is Fan Frenzy Night?

It's a special event that's organized by cheerleaders –yet paid for by a local sponsor. Fans attending the game are given CheerStix and invited to get loud and crazy!

It's an exciting event that's promoted in local newspapers. . . local TV, radio and cable stations. It's even advertised in your school newsletter and over your school PA system.

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Quality Time with your Fan Base.

The big benefit for your sponsor is that he/she can tie–in to your squad and your fan base.

Remember: cheerleaders are trendsetters. They're smart and admired. It's only natural that a local sponsor would benefit by being associated with your squad.

In addition to having his/her company name and logo on one side of the CheerStix, the sponsor receives:
• a handsome appreciation plaque
• a signed 'thank-you' photo from the squad
• tickets to the game

Plus, the sponsor is introduced during the pre-game ceremonies and receives all the exposure from the pre-event publicity.

All of this drives in new business for your sponsor.

The Big Benefit for You…

…is that your sponsor pays for everything.

You receive a lump sum of payment from the sponsor that covers
the cost of putting on the event and more. The money that's left over goes to the squad!

All in all, it's a win-win situation for everyone.

Your sponsor gets new business by associating himself with your fan base, your fans get the CheerStix for free and you get the opportunity to raise money for your group.